Table of Contents – Domestic Space in Britain, 1750-1840: Materiality, Sociability & Emotion

So…I submitted my book! You can read a little bit more about the project here, but now that the full draft MS is in I thought I’d do a little sneak peak of its table of contents below – I’m looking forward to posting about the book a little more as I enter the final stages of completion!


Part I: Representation

1 ‘My anecdotes of this social neighbourhood’: The thick description of Caroline Lybbe Powys

2 Publishing John Wilkes’s ‘Villakin’: Reception and Reputation at Sandham Cottage

Part II: Movement

3 Biographical Objects: Translation & Craft(ing) Narratives at A la Ronde

4 ‘A little temple, consecrate to Friendship and the Muses’: Romantic friendship and gift-exchange at Plas Newydd, Llangollen.

Part III: Ownership

5 Inheriting Strawberry Hill: Shared Spaces, Shared Practices

Epilogue: Losing Park Place



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