Award – Library Company of Philadelphia Short-Term Fellowship

I’m over the moon to have been awarded a Short-Term Fellowship at the Library Company of Philadelphia/The Historical Society of Pennsylvania this summer, where I’ll spend the month of August. Both the Library Company’s and the Historical Society’s collections feature a significant number of objects relevant to my Collage before Modernism project, including examples of paper cuts; collections of newspaper clippings; examples of photocollage; published volumes on craft techniques; along with images depicting the enactment of collage practices such as scrapbooking. Perhaps more significant, however, are the Library Company’s and the Historical Society’s unparalleled collections of commonplace books, scrapbooks, and albums, which the project will discuss as examples of the ‘composite volumes’ (i.e. books that variously drew together a wide range of images, textual fragments, and pasted inclusions) that characterised the manuscript production of this period. I’ll be posting regularly about my archival finds this summer, as I’ll also be in St Andrews for a fellowship in July! I can’t wait to get stuck in! 


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