Award – Wolfsonian-FIU Short-Term Research Fellowship

I’m incredibly excited to also have been offered a Short-Term Research Fellowship at the Wolfsonian Museum at FIU to conduct research as part of my ‘Collage before Modernism’ research project.

My research will focus firstly upon the Wolfsonian’s superlative collections of mid-to-late nineteenth-century North American graphic design, including its Ripstein and Kate Greenaway collections, which will allow me to better understand the types of graphic material, ephemera and printed materials that were central to the production of North American collage from the mid- nineteenth to the early-twentieth centuries.

Secondarily, my research will focus on the Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Collection of rare books, viewbooks, photograph albums, original diaries, sketchbooks, journals and other manuscripts that document British colonialism and military conflicts of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Paying sustained attention to the materiality of this rich collection of manuscripts and volumes, this research will accordingly allow me to further explore the project’s contention that collage practices such as scrapbooking and photocollage were highly prevalent forms of colonial visual and material production during this period. The Fellowship will therefore allow me to undertake research vital for understanding the production of collage in two key nineteenth-century contexts: North America and across the British Empire.

I’ll post more about the Fellowship once I know when I’ll be heading over – in the mean time, please do send over your Miami recommendations!

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