Week in Review – 21 May

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My pick of the week is the  Paul Mellon Centre’s new online resource, A Catalogue Raisonné of Francis Towne (1739-1816), by Richard Stephens. The site includes a full catalogue of Towne’s known works, accompanied by discursive essays on his outputs. The Catalogue is particularly important for highlighting (and providing access to) a significant body of work by a lesser-known artist, and I’ve no doubt that it will become a crucial resource for scholars of eighteenth-century art and culture.

Other CFPs, conferences, fellowships and courses that caught my eye this week included:

Fondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la Cultura della Compagnia di San Paolo is offering 5 Fellowships for scholars working on “Ornamentation and decoration.The grammar of the orders, the rhetoric of opulence, the appeal to the eye at European Courts (1680-1750)“.

The CFP for the forthcoming Carl Fabergé Conference.

Details for the Paul Mellon Centre’s public lecture course: ‘The English Country House: Art, Politics and Taste‘ (13 October – 1 December 2016).

The Writing Buildings Conference.

The CFP for the Queer Media in the 21st Century Conference.

The new website for The Centre for Travel Writing Studies at Nottingham Trent University, including details of a fully-funded PhD opportunity with the Centre.

The CFP for the Photo-Objects. On the Materiality of Photographs and Photo-Archives in the Humanities and Sciences.  

The CFP for Routledge’s History of the Working Class.

The programme for the Thinking Colour Conference.

The CFP for the A Year’s Art The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, 1769-2016 conference.

The Style as (Intellectual) Property Conference.

The Body^Space^Object^Memory^Identity Symposium.

The Fraud, fake and make-believe: Transregional and transdisciplinary perspectives workshop.

The programme for The Art Market, Collectors and Agents Conference.

The CFC for the ‘Intersections & Disconnections‘, special issue of the Melbourne Historical Journal, 44.1 (2016).

The CFP for the A Sense of Proportion: Architect-Designed Objects, 1650–1950 Conference.


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