Week in Review – 6 February

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Friendship book of Anne Wagner (1795-1834), New York Public Library.

Another week in review, another favourite from the Public Domain Review. However, I couldn’t help but include the incredible Friendship Book of Anne Wagner (1795-1834), held at the New York Public Library. These ‘Memorials of Friendship’ feature a range of dedicatory passages as well as a number of intricate mixed-media collages, some of which were made by the young Felicia Dorothea Browne (later Hemans). Thanks to its use of collage and affective nature, I’m keen to research the album as part of my new research project on the relationship between assemblage and identity, 1750-1900.

Other things that caught my eye this week included:

The forthcoming Gender Stereotypes in the Long Nineteenth Century Symposium at the University of Stirling.

The On Top of the World world history podcasts.

Two exciting funding initiatives from the Hakluyt Society for the History of Travel, Exploration and Global Encounters.

The Collecting, Exhibiting and Preserving in Museums of Applied Arts in the
Nineteenth Century conference.

The programme for the Photo Archives V. The Paradigm of Objectivity workshop.

This call for articles on ‘Gender in Victorian Popular Fiction, Art, and Culture,’ in Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies. 


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