Week in Review – October 23

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A roundup of CFPs, articles, papers, and postings that caught my attention this week:


Spectropia; or, Surprising Spectral Illusions (1865)

I’m ashamed to admit I’ve only recently come across The Public Domain Review Project, an ‘online journal and not-for-profit project dedicated to the exploration of curious and compelling works from the history of art, literature, and ideas’. I particularly enjoyed this recent and seasonally-appropriate post highlighting the wonders of Victorian ‘afterimages’ from the text Spectropia; or, Surprising Spectral Illusions (1865).

The Centre for Imperial and Global History (University of Exeter)’s podcast series, Talking Empire.

This CFP for Unpacking Tourism, a forthcoming special issue of Radical History Review.

This CFP for the University of Edinburgh-based, interdisciplinary conference on Antiquity and the History of Ideas in Eighteenth-Century Europe.

I’m really excited for Notches Blog’s forthcoming series on the history of venereal disease. See the CFP here.

I noticed a number of CFPs for conferences examining concepts of ownership, luxury, and value, this week. See the CFP for The Material Culture of Ownership (Newark, 22-23 Apr 16), that for Nouveau Reach. Past, Present and Future of Luxury, and finally, the CFP for Priceless: The Value of the Invaluable (London, 14 – 15 Jul 16).

The online project Letters of Artisans and the Labouring Poor which will digitise a cache of letters written by the labouring poor in the British Isles during the late eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries.

The programmes for two excellent research seminar series. The first is the National Maritime Museum’s Maritime History and Culture Seminars (held in conjunction with the IHR, programme here). Note Felix Driver’s ‘Material Memories of Travel: The Albums of a Victorian Naval Surgeon’. The second is the University of Edinburgh’s Scottish History Seminars, the programme for which is available here.

This conference on Collecting and Empires (Florenz, 5-7 Nov 15).

This CFP for The role of sculpture in the design, production collecting and display
of Parisian decorative arts in Europe (1715-1815).

Finally, a reminder that the submission deadlines for the University of Edinburgh’s Eighteenth-Century Research Seminars (ECRS) and the AAH 2016 panel, The (After) Lives of Things, are due November 2 and November 9, respectively.


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