Week in Review – October 16

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A roundup of CFPs, conferences, articles, job listings and seminar series that have caught my eye in the last (few) week(s).

As always, the Bard Graduate Center’s Seminar Series for the Autumn/Winter term looks fantastic. See here for details. You can also catch up on the seminars on the Bard’s youtube channel. My recommendations include this recent lecture by Anne Higonnet on ‘A Digital Enlightenment: Experiments in the Teaching of 18th-Century Decorative Arts‘ (also embedded above).

Christine Guth’s chapter on ‘Layering: materiality, time, and touch in Japanese Lacquer‘ in Surface Tensions: Surface, Finish and the Meaning of Objects, is an interesting meditation on materiality.

This CFP for a special issue of European Journal of American Studies – ‘Re-Queering the Nation: America’s Queer Crisis‘.

The new issue of Design and Culture. Includes articles on ‘Circulation: A Theoretical Toolkit’ (Basile Zimmermann & Nicolas Nova) and ‘Exphrasis: Verbalizing Unexisting Objects in the World of Design’ (Jonathan Ventura & Gal Ventura).

This CFP for the Word, Image, and Power in Africa and the African Diaspora Conference (New York, 1-2 April 2016).

Lilith: A Feminist History Journal is interested in publishing short historiographical and methodological pieces for its 2016 issue. See the CFP here.

The programme for the ‘Art History 40: Image and Memory – 40 Years of Art-Historical Writing‘ Conference.

The Artist and Empire: New Dynamics Conference – which ‘will consider art created under the conditions of the British Empire, its aftermath, and its future in museum and gallery displays’ looks fantastic.

This CFC for ‘Empires, Beliefs, Emotions: Cross-Cultural Affective Histories (1400-1900)’ a forthcoming special issue of the OA journal CROMOHS.

This symposium on American Material and Visual Culture of the “Long” Nineteenth Century, which welcomes submissions that engage with ‘the materiality of images and the visuality of objects while addressing their interrelationship’.

The CFP for our Eighteenth-Century Research Seminars Series, which will be held in the University of Edinburgh in 2016.

The programme for the “Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds” Mellon Research Initiative Symposium.

CFP for the Connected Histories, Mirrored Empires British and French Imperialism – 17th to 20th Centuries Conference

The conference on Reconsidering the Rococo (Lausanne, 5-6 Nov 15).

And finally Russell Jacoby’s article ‘The Object as a Subject‘ is a witty and thought provoking meditation on the current state of material culture studies.


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